We’re Hiring a New Executive Director!


Strait Area Chamber of Commerce – Executive Director 

Job Description

The Executive Director holds the key leadership position in the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce. Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director assumes complete responsibility for carrying out the assigned policies and regulations. Having the authority to direct the implementation of the Chamber’s program and services, with responsibility for the management of all staff members and volunteers.


Strait Area Chamber of Commerce Core Competencies:

  • Leadership and Advocacy
  • Consultation and Collaboration
  • Empowerment
  • Connection
  • Business Focused
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Integrity / Excellence / Accountability


Technical Competencies:

The Executive Director provides a leadership role to the organization that ensures the long-term sustainability and relevance of the organization. As such, the role will require an individual with the following technical competencies (approximate time percentages are noted in brackets):


  • Advocacy Management (25%)
    • Promote community awareness of the Chamber’s mission and goals
    • Participate in networking and community relations and activities on behalf of the Chamber
    • Foster relationships with key stakeholders including members, partners, government and media relations


  • Operational Planning and Execution (20%)
    • Using the approved Strategic Plan, prepare an annual operating plan including objective, key performance indicators, operating budget and cash flow statement
    • Meet the organizational goals as laid out in the operating plan
    • Adjust the operating plan and implement immediate actions if revenue supporting key operating objectives, programs or services are not forthcoming
    • Provide Board of Directors with monthly updates on key performance indicators.
    • Direct staff and volunteer implementation of operating plan
    • Support Board committees as needed


  • Financial Management (15%)
    • Ensure sound bookkeeping procedures are maintained
    • Provide Board with regular, accurate and comparable monthly statements of revenue and expenditures, cash flow and bank reconciliations
    • Identify and assess risk to the Chamber’s financial security and growth
    • Advise finance audit committee
    • Ensure proper allocation of resources and funds to ensure financial fidelity of the Chamber


  • Human Resource Management (10%)
    • Recruit, retain and evaluate staff
    • Set clear, results oriented goals with realistic and measurable outcomes
    • Encourage teambuilding by facilitating open communication and positive working relationships with staff and volunteers
    • Establish volunteer recruitment processes and succession plan
    • Interpret/report Board policy decisions to staff
    • Supervise recruitment, selection and training of volunteers


  • External Communications & Marketing (10%)
    • Develop and implement a marketing program that enables the Chamber to meet its objectives
    • Promote the value of membership and the benefit of chamber sponsorship to current and future members
    • Oversee the sale of programs and events with the goal of meeting or exceeding the annual operating plan objectives
    • Prepare/oversee annual reports and submissions for “fee of service” contracts
    • Implement new value propositions of Chamber membership


  • Program/Event Management (10%)
    • Oversee planning and execution of programs, projects, events and services including set up, take down and evaluation (includes negotiating best rates/value for venue, meals, audio/visual and printed material)
    • Ensure that programs and services meet Board policy guidelines and priorities.
    • Evaluates in broad-based terms, the potential assets and liabilities of a project, program, event or service.


  • Strategic Planning (5%)
    • Identify the ongoing and emerging issues both internally and externally that affect the Chamber
    • Assess potential threats to the Chamber image
    • With the Board of Directors, prepare a strategic plan including goals and outcomes along with the required resources to achieve the goals or review the existing one to ensure its relevance to the membership.
    • Execute the strategic plan
    • Ensure the strategic plan is properly communicated to staff and the membership


  • Internal Communications & Governance (5%)
    • Attend all Board meetings
    • Prepare agenda and materials required for Board and Executive meetings
    • Ensure accurate minutes are prepared and distributed in a timely manner
    • Attend committee, association and community meetings as assigned
    • Prepare policies and directives (for board approval) to ensure operations are consistent and follow sound governance principles



  • An undergraduate degree in a business-related field
  • 3+ years in progressive leadership roles
  • Experience working in an enterprising non-profit environment an asset
  • Strong customer service focus
  • Ability to deliver on strategic and operational objectives
  • Experience delivering financial reporting and budgeting an asset
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Comprehensive understanding of how to implement a strategy
  • Experience in marketing and sales an asset

Working Conditions:

  • Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Occasional evenings/weekends/overnights may be necessary
  • Travel within the Strait Area will be necessary

Additional Information:

The SACOC is committed to creating an inclusive workplace that supports, values, and respects the different views, cultures and experiences of our employees and business community members.  We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities in which we live and serve, creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach their potential.


Apply today to:  info@straitareachamber.ca

on or before July 31, 2020