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 Who We Are 
  What do you get when you set up shop in Nova Scotia's Strait area?
  • access to world markets by sea, road and rail
  • natural resources available through forestry and mining
  • an educated, skilled workforce that's eager to work for you
  • community support for your business and your family
  • a thriving cultural scene
  • and some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world.

No wonder members of the Strait Area Chamber of Commerce are confident that they can live up to their mission of ensuring "that the Strait area is one of the best regions in which to invest, live, work, and conduct business."

Chamber past president Bob MacEachern says the area is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the burgeoning economies in India and the rest of Asia. He calls the Strait area "the front door to North America" for these new economies.

The Strait in question is the Strait of Canso, that narrow band of deep water that separates mainland Nova Scotia from Cape Breton Island. But if the Strait separates the two, the Canso Causeway, built in 1955, brings them together and much more.

The rail line that crosses the causeway connects to Canadian National Railway, Canada's largest freight railroad. The highway brings road traffic from all over North America and links it to Newfoundland via Marine Atlantic ferries in Sydney - a two-hour drive from the strait.

The causeway also prevents ice from flowing into the Port of Canso during the winter and spring months so that the port is ice-free 12 months of the year. That means goods can be transported through the port from anywhere in the world and can travel from the port to almost anywhere in North America all year round.

In addition to all of that, there is a small airport in Port Hastings that can accommodate executive jets and small aircraft.


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